Agreement Union Dictionary

Complaint An allegation that the employer or union violated the collective agreement. Raiding A union asks members to leave another union and join it. Religious liberation A worker is excused by union membership and pays dues on the basis of religious beliefs. Normally, the worker is required to pay the same amount to a charity. The officer members who were elected to act on behalf of the union. Examples include the chair, vice-president, secretary, host secretary and trustees. The duties of officers are defined by the statutes or the Constitution. Mediation Arbitration A way to resolve a complaint with a neutral person. If the union and the employer cannot reach an agreement, the neutral person conducts a hearing and makes a decision. It is also called “med-arb.” Retroactive A change comes into effect on a past date. For example, if the union negotiates a pay increase during negotiations, this increase may be due until the beginning of the collective agreement. Under the trade union constitution, a parent company or national union takes control of a local union.

Checkoff A clause in a collective agreement that stipulates that the employer must deduct workers` wages and send them to the union. Refuse to boycott the purchase or use of an employer`s products/services. Boycotts are used to resolve disputes or to protest an employer`s action. Merger Two or more organizations, such as trade unions. B, unite. In the event of a merger of the trade unions, each union must respect its constitution and its statutes. Jurisdiction The limits of authority or control. For example, an arbitrator has the authority to rule on complaints based on the collective agreement and related laws. Labour standards or employment standards Minimum rights to employment for workers. These laws generally set minimum wages, maximum working hours, leave, leave and other working conditions.

Unionized and non-unionized workers are entitled to these labour standards, although collective agreements often contain higher standards. Some non-unionized workers – usually farmers, babysitters and domestic workers – are not even covered by these minimum rights. National Representative An employee of the mother`s union or the national union who assists local union officials in the representation of workers.

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