Ambank Hire Purchase Agreement

Arif Hire Purchase-i is a lease-sale agreement between a borrower (you) and a financier (the bank). Arif Hire Purchase-i not only expands financing means to own you a car, but also acts as a key to all your automated needs! After choosing the car of your choice, ask your car dealership for AmBank Hire Puchase (Car Loan) options or go to the nearest AmBank subsidiary. Why AmBank Hire Purchase – No.1 Car Financial in Malaysia – Complete Auto Solutions – Fast Credit Authorization – More than 3,000 auto dealers ordered – Easy repayment through Internet Banking or Electronic Banking Centres at the federal level. 90% car financing for up to 9 years. Requirements 1. Identity card and driver`s license. 2. The latest income documents, i.e. 3 months of payroll, Form J and EA form. 3. Account statement or savings book. 4. For new car purchases, you need an offer from a car dealership.

5. For used car purchases, you need the registration card. It is mandatory to cover auto or Takaful insurance to cover losses and damage caused by accidents, fire, theft and bodily harm and the death of others. There is also optional insurance that handles all outstanding rental financing in the event of death and TPD. Lease/lease industrial facilities or machinery with the following option for the purchase of assets. A Shariah compliant establishment for leasing/leasing, then the option to purchase industrial facilities. AmAuto Cruise is a lease purchase based on the variable rate calculation, which means that the maturities of the facility are calculated on the basis of the base credit rate (BLR)/base financing rate (BFR) for the duration of the facility. You can decide to maintain or revise your monthly amount in the event of a course change.

This offers more savings and flexibility. . Terms and Conditions for easy Payment Plan (EPP) Program (Eng – BM) Once you are satisfied with the numbers, you can immediately apply for your application form online for Arif Hire Purchase-i. AmBank accepts the application for nail car financing or even refinancing of the current vehicle. Terms and Conditions for the Check Reduction Campaign (Eng) Get more of your car insurance. Great benefits and additional additions like 24-hour emergency aid and a wide selection of panel workshops for all types of vehicles! Specific terms and conditions for filing terms (non-individualized) (Eng – BM) DuitNow QR for Merchant Terms Terms Terms Terms BM) It has been designed to simplify your car journey, with a multitude of value-added benefits ranging from competitive interest rates, flexible leases to tracking services such as corporate tax and insurance renewal.

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