Collective Agreement For The Private Social Services Sector

In the private sector, employers are most often represented by one of the EC member federations, the Finnish Confederation of Industry and workers by the yTN bargaining group, the association of executives and professions. YTN negotiates collective agreements for business school graduates. The collective agreement, also known as the Finnish acronym TES, is an agreement between working partners on sectoral working conditions such as wage increases, working time, leave, leave bonuses, worker representation, communication and other conditions applicable under the agreement. Collective agreements are generally sectoral and are linked to the employee`s professional position. Many business school graduates also work in areas where no YTN-negotiated collective agreement is currently in effect. Among these sectors: Helsinki (03.03.2020 – Heikki Jokinen) Meanwhile, most sectors have agreed on new collective agreements. For example, on February 24, the industry union announced that it had obtained a resolution in negotiations on all of its collective agreements in the technology sector. Collective agreements are mainly in the Finnish world. Click here to see everyone.

The general line in the agreements reached so far is a salary increase of about 3.3 percent and a 25-month agreement. The 24 unpaid annual overtime hours included in the 2016 National Competitiveness Pact will disappear everywhere. In addition, an employer who is a party to a national collective agreement must provide the ministry with information about its employee members about the collective agreements that apply to their labour relations. “During this round of negotiations, no substantial changes were made to the contractual terms of the protocol, as no agreement could be reached with the employer on the content of the amendments. The working time decree for planning, evaluation and development remains the same, although the employer wanted to reduce them,” says Kristiina Johansson, Special Adviser to the OAJ.

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