India Australia Military Agreement

India is also considering Australia`s participation in annual naval exercises with the United States and Japan in the Indian and Pacific Oceans to strengthen security relations between the four countries, military officials said. The exercises do not reflect interoperability and a number of agreements have been reached to improve the ability of both military personnel to cooperate. It started with an agreement on the protection of classified information. A Mutual Logistics Agreement (MLSA) – a “high priority” according to Australian government officials – was postponed due to changes in ministerial posts, but finally concluded in 2020 at the virtual summit between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Scott John Morrison. The agreement provides the two military personnel with the opportunity to source mutually, which could expand their operational reach. A secure communication agreement would be the next logical step in bilateral security cooperation, especially after a similar agreement between India and the United States. Today, bilateral relations between India and Australia are much broader and more cooperative than at any time in history. India is Australia`s fifth largest export destination (compared to 12th at the turn of the century) and Australia is now a top 20 trading partner for India. Political cooperation is also developing in multilateral institutions such as the Commonwealth, the G20 and the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA). For example, India and Australia worked closely together within the AIC to establish the secretariat in Mauritius and to cooperate with Indonesia during the presidency of the Organization in 2015-2016.

India`s nuclear status is no longer a problem after the integration of its program, the lifting of Australia`s ban on uranium and the civil nuclear agreement between India and Australia. And contacts between people have expanded and a large number of Indian tourists, students and immigrants are contributing to the Australian economy and society. They also agreed to increase military “interoperability” through defence exercises through reciprocal logistical support. India and Australia today reached an opening agreement on reciprocal access to military logistics support bases, in addition to consolidating six other pacts to further expand relations, following an online summit by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Australian counterpart Scott Morrison.

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