Ipha Framework Agreement On The Supply And Pricing Of Medicines

The pharmaceutical industry and the state have agreed on a six-month extension of a framework agreement on the supply of medicines. He added: “We are also working with others to position Ireland as a leader in emerging areas of pharmaceutical innovation such as cell and gene therapies and industry 4.0. We understand that the pharmaceutical budget should be managed to achieve efficiency, but it is not sustainable to require the HSE to fund all new drugs in the future from its existing resources.┬áThe Irish Times reported in February that the government of the day had refused at the last minute a plea from the HSE board of directors for up to 20 million euros of special funds for new drugs and drugs available this year. In the absence of an extension of the current agreement on the pharmaceutical industry, rebates of around 5 million euros per month to the HSE could be jeopardized. In addition, the agreement contains a detailed pathway for the HSE to authorize new drugs in Schedule 1. IPHA begins negotiations with the state this month on new drug supply and pricing agreements “My first task is to negotiate a new sectoral agreement that allows patients to access more quickly the innovative new therapies that our companies prefer. Ireland remains one of the slowest countries in Western Europe to provide new medicines to patients. The pharmaceutical industry said it was confident that an extension of the current drug cost agreement with the government could be approved this week. “A new agreement should be based on the principle of joint financing, with industry and the state agreeing to cover the costs of new medicines. This is the fairest way to ensure that patients have access to the best new treatments on time. The first step is for the government to release new funds for new drugs in the October budget,” Reid added.

The agreement between the government and the Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association has resulted in savings of around 600 million euros. “New and existing drugs can be funded through a combination of industry savings, continued efficiency of HSE and a few new injections of funds. We need all three. The current framework agreement on the supply and pricing of medicines came into force in 2016 and expires at the end of July. “We look forward to a new constructive engagement with health authorities in the coming weeks for an extension and a new agreement.

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