Listing Agreement Compliances Checklist

These checklists have been revised and are based on ICDR regulations and lists published by SEBI, including all changes by February 15, 2018. Listed companies apply for trading authorization on the stock exchange/s within 7 business days of the date of the issuance of the listing authorization by the Stock Exchange/s. In this article, I have tried to simplify and clarify all important compliances that must be respected by listed companies in order to obtain a simple reference. KPMG in India has compiled the requirements of the SEBI ICDR and listing regulations with respect to IPO, OPS and the issuance of rights in the form of a checklist. Within 7 working days from the date of granting the listing authorization Inform the Exchange and disseminate via its own website information on disclosures immediately after the conclusion of agreements with media companies and/or their associated participation (if any) of media/associates companies in the issuer of the entity. details of the appointment of media companies to the Board of Directors, any management controls or any potential conflict of interest arising from such an agreement. Back to back Contracts/Contracts/MoUs or similar instruments entered into by the issuing company with media companies and/or their employees for advertising, advertising, etc. A company that seeks to list its securities on the stock exchange is required to enter into a formal listing agreement with the Stock Exchange. Such a rating agreement defines all the quantitative and qualitative requirements that the issuer must meet at all times for the continuation of the listing. The exchange then monitors this compliance and companies that do not comply with the provisions of the listing agreement may be suspended from the stock exchange. As a result, list agreements are increasingly being used as a means of improving corporate governance. Therefore, if a company is not in compliance with the listing agreement, the Exchange may return its securities for non-compliance with Section 21 of the Securities Contracts (Regulation), 1956.

There could also be a temporary suspension of the company`s securities and sanctions could also be imposed on the failing company.

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