Sfsu Housing Agreement

This is a unique time in the world with implications for the off-campus housing industry. We encourage everyone to stay calm, work together and check trusted sources for updates. Find out more here. Once you have accepted your offer of admission (AAO) at San Francisco State University, you can apply for online accommodation on campus. Case housing applications cover both fall and spring semester housing. If you don`t have a roommate with whom you want to share a room, you should look for roommates on the apartment gate. For students who already know who to share a room with, go to Option 2 to create a Roommate Group. Live, learn, prosper! The comfort of walking to class. Stay-fit facilities. Tools that will help you make the note. And community events that keep you in touch. Everyone makes Manzanita Square the first choice of student apartments at San Francisco State University. Get the lifestyle you want with our fully furnished apartments with private rooms, an energy-efficient fitness room and the Academic Success Center! In addition, our on-site professional management and our employees are dedicated to their needs and help you take advantage of your university experience.

Whether your academic activities this fall are personal or online, we`re here for you. An individual licensing agreement gives each resident its own rental contract and responsibility for payment fees and incidental and parking fees. By signing an individual licensing agreement, you assume only responsibility for your payment fees and rental terms and will not be responsible for the sums incurred by your roommate. The principal licensee is required to provide personal tenant insurance in his apartment for protection from fire, flooding, theft, personal injury or accident. The university assumes no responsibility for the loss, deterioration or destruction of personal property held in authorized space or on university property. Proof of tenant insurance is required at the time of signing your licence agreement or renewal. The State of California, still an agency, official or employee of San Francisco State University, guarantees the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of information published by place4Sensants or Renthello sites, does not support content, views, products or services, and does not respond to losses caused by confidence in the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of such information. San Francisco State University is not responsible for contracts/leases between individuals. San Francisco State University is not responsible for or responsible for the consequences of an off-campus apartment and does not support or sponsor any of the agencies, services, advertisements, real estate or landlords contained on these sites. The information is provided only as an aid in the search for housing. Students are not required to use this service or rent by companies or people on the list.

Students are strongly advised to use due diligence and obtain references and other information about offers and institutions. Some of this information may be false or unpublished. Any individual or corporation that relies on information from this system does so at its own risk.

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