Shermel Shaikh Agreement

The city has hosted a series of important peace conferences in the Middle East, including the 4 September 1999 agreement on the restoration of Palestinian autonomy in the Gaza Strip. A second summit was held on 17 October 2000 in Sharmi, after the outbreak of the second Palestinian intifada, but it was unable to put an end to the violence. On 3 August 2005, the city held a summit on developments in the Arab world, as well as the situation in the Arab-Israeli conflict. In 2007, an important ministerial meeting was held in Sharmi, during which dignitaries discussed the reconstruction of Iraq. [9] The World Economic Forum on the Middle East was organized by Sharm el-Sheikh in 2006[10] and 2008. [11] About 40 years ago, Sharm el-Sheikh was nothing but a small fishing village with a hundred Bedouins. When Sinai was occupied by Israel in 1967, Sharm el-Sheikh began to develop as a tourist destination (like the rest of the peninsula). Israelis evacuated Sinai between 1979 and 1982, after a peace agreement was signed between the two countries. Since the 1980s, Egyptians have continued to develop Charm where israelis left. Sharms 100 is a busy population of 10,000 people. There is now a beautiful promenade, a hard rock café, one of the most modern hospitals in Egypt, etc.

The Sharm el-Sheikh deal was discussed by Pakistan on Saturday, after Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said current relations between the two neighbors were not conducive to talks “at any level.” Pakistan`s foreign minister said he still had to see for himself the Indian prime minister`s recent remark, but he asked if that was India`s position, “what is Sharm el-Sheikh, what is this deal?” The three years since 2004, Indian and Pakistani officials acknowledge, have been a diplomatic climax in the history of the two rivals. Singh describes them as “the most fruitful and productive conversations of all time” with Pakistan. Many of them bloomed in the rear channel, which was set up after the wreck of the Agra summit in July 2001. As Musharraf later said, although there was no “official exchange of documents” until 2007, the two sides came up with a Sir Creek agreement, a Siachen plan, and the principles of Kashmir regulation. But before the summons could begin, the general fell into a lawyers` revolt at home. Al Montazah area: long sandy beach with access to the pier to the coral wall located just 100 meters from the shore (each hotel has its own pier) Hotels: Sensatori Resort, Baron Resort, Coral Beach Montazah, Cyrene Grand Resort, Melton Beach Resort dive grounds in the vicinity: “Pakistan is ready to speak with one voice; Pakistan has no wickedness in its heart; Pakistan is not afraid to speak; We are ready to sit down at the table and we know how to present our position,” Qureshi said. These natural resources, along with their proximity to tourism markets in Europe, have spurred the rapid growth of tourism in the region. The number of stations increased from three in 1982 to eighty-one in 2000. Overnight stays also increased from sixteen thousand to 5.1 million during this period. Among the companies that have invested in the city are Hyatt, Accor, Marriott International, Le Méridien, Four Seasons Hotels and Ritz-Carlton with categories from three to five stars. In 2007, the first Aquapark hotel station was opened in the area. The four-star Aqua Blu Sharm Resort was built on the 133,905 square meter (1441,340 square foot) Ras Om El Seid.

Sharm El Sheikh has become a popular diving spot[25] due to its underwater landscape and warm waters..

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