Supply Agreement Plc

1.1 Under these conditions (unless the context requires something else): “conditions” refers to the conditions provided for; “contract” refers to the contract between the supplier and us regarding the delivery of the work by the supplier to us; “contract documents,” these conditions, the order, specifications and any other documents we have provided in writing; “goods”: any goods or other items delivered to us by the supplier in accordance with the contract, as specified in the order and, if necessary, in the specifications; “order,” the order we placed for the delivery of the work; “services,” the services (or all or part of service) that the supplier must provide to us in accordance with the contract in accordance with the order and, if applicable, the specifications; “specification,” the specification of the plant contained or specified in the order; “provider,” the person, company or company to which the contract is addressed; “We,” “We” and “Our” means immunodiagnostic Systems Limited (company No. 03141527) of Unit 10 Didcot Way, Boldon Business Park, Boldon, Tyne-Wear, NE35 9PD; and “work,” the delivery of goods and/or services (if any) by the supplier, as stated in the order. 2.1 The supplier`s offer to supply work constitutes an offer to deliver the work under these conditions. The contract is considered to be concluded when we place the order with the supplier. For us, there are no requirements for the supplier`s documents. (d) provide us with immediate instructions or other information that the supplier needs to complete the work. (c) any alleged or actual infringement of the intellectual property rights of third parties or other rights resulting from the use or delivery of the work; 12.4 The contract constitutes the whole agreement between the parties and replaces all previous agreements between the parties regarding their purpose. Each party acknowledges that at the time of the contract, it was not based on declarations, insurance, insurance or guarantees (negligently or innocently), except in the contractual documents. There is nothing in the contract that limits or excludes a party`s liability in the event of fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation.

(c) according to our choice, allow the supplier, at the supplier`s expense, to either correct a defect at the plant, or to provide, if necessary, replacement goods and/or services, and to perform all other necessary work to ensure that the terms of the contract are respected; 4.4 In the event that the supplier does not comply with or does not comply with condition 4.1 (a) above, we may, at our discretion: 6.2 Ownership of the goods must be transferred by the date of the date: to whom the supplier tells us that the goods are due and ready for delivery, but without notice of: 12.3 For proof of a service in accordance with condition 12.2, it is sufficient to prove that the envelope containing such a notification was addressed to the address of the party concerned and delivered either to that address or to the guard of the postal authorities in the form of a registered declaration or a previously paid registered letter. b) in case of registered prepaid delivery or registered mail, 48 hours from the date of booking. 3.2 Our rights under these conditions complement the legal conditions conferred on us by the Property Sale Act of 1979. (c) obtain and maintain at all times, prior to the start date of work, all necessary licences and authorizations and compliance with all legal provisions applicable to the plant; and 2.4 In case of contradictions between one of the contractual documents, the order of precedence is the order, followed by the specifications (if any), followed by these conditions.

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