Verizon Fios Terms Of Service Agreement

Repairing the Cat 5th cable used to provide Fios Internet services and other eligible services; E. By transferring, downloading, downloading, publishing or transmitting information or material using the website`s service or tools, you declare (i) that this information is not confidential, secret or protected belonging to another person; (ii) ensure that no other party has rights to the information, and ensure that by sending, downloading or downloading, mailing or transmitting content, images or data is not contrary to copyright laws or trademarks or other third-party rights; and (iii) You understand and consent that any use of the service is subject to the terms of the Verizon Copyright Alert Program, the description of which is under 1. Terms of purchase. Lifelock Select services can be purchased either as part of a package or as a standalone service. You must not only accept these terms provided by Verizon, but also log in directly via the Lifelock website described above. You must also accept the terms provided by Lifelock. If you purchase Lifelock Select as a standalone service and do not sign up within 90 days of ordering through Verizon at Lifelock, we can cancel your service after notification and refund the fees you pay Verizon. If you purchase the Lifelock Select service as part of a Verizon bundled service, you must continue to register directly with Lifelock and Verizon may terminate your package, even if you do not register with Lifelock if you have accepted this agreement as part of your order for the corresponding bundled service. IF YOU HAVE THE LIFELOCK SERVICE UNDER A TERM PLAN, IF AVAILABLE, AND YOUR SERVICE YOUR (OR US, IF YOU HAVE BREACHEN THIS AGREEMENT) BEFORE COMPLETING YOUR TERM, THEN, UPON TERMINATION OF YOUR SERVICE, YOU AGREE TO PAY VERIZON AN EARLY TERMINATION FEE IN THE AMOUNT SET FORTH IN THE PLAN YOU HAVE CHOSEN. IF YOUR LIFELOCK SELECT SERVICE IS PUBLISHED FOR EACH REASON, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO INFORM THESE PEOPLE OF THE REGISTRATION OF LIFELOCK SELECT SERVICES THAT THEY ARE NO LONGER IN COVERAGE OR PROTECTION PROVIDED TO THEM FROM THE LIFELOCK SELECT SERVIVES AS PROVIDED TO THEM PRIOR TO TERMINATION OF THE LEFELOCK SELECT SERVICES.

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