Webex User Agreement

12.5. Cisco Partnership Operations. If you purchase Cisco Technology from a Cisco partner, the terms and conditions of this CLU apply to your use of this Cisco technology and prevail over the inconsistent provisions of your agreement with partner Cisco. If you use Cisco technology in a location where local laws require a notified organization to be responsible for collecting data on individual end-users and transferring data outside that jurisdiction (. B for example, Russia and China), you recognize that you are the body responsible for complying with these laws. 8.1 Your use of the website, website and developer services is subject to compliance with Cisco Cloud Services rules for acceptable use that www.cisco.com/c/en/us/about/legal/end-user-license-and-cloud-terms/cloud-services-acceptable-use-policy.html provider is not required under this clause to: (a) a violation resulting from the combination of supplier`s hardware with other products that have not been provided or expressly approved by the supplier; (b) any violation resulting from an act or omission by the customer or its directors, employees, representatives or end-users, including the non-use of an ongoing provision of supplier equipment, as provided or ordered by the supplier; (c) modification of the supplier`s equipment by a party other than the supplier (unless expressly authorized by the supplier); (d) software containing open source code and/or free software components; and (e) the customer`s possession or use of the supplier`s equipment (or part of it), except in accordance with the terms of the customer`s licence and instructions. 1.1.3. Areas. The customer agrees that Cisco Webex is only available in the countries mentioned below: help.webex.com/en-us/n6fwepj/Where-is-Cisco-Webex-Available. 5.1 Cisco uses all data (as defined below) that you or any data acting on your behalf in accordance with these terms of use and Cisco Online`s online privacy statement from cisco Online, www.cisco.com/c/en/us/about/legal/privacy-full.html, related to your use of the Hub website, site and application services (“Your Data”) and The Hub Application Site Usage Statistics via your apps, in accordance with these terms of use and Cisco`s online privacy policy. “Data,” all data and content downloaded, posted, transferred or provided by users through services, including messages, files, profile information and any other content that is entered or downloaded by a user of the services. 8.3.

Qualifications. Sections 8.1 and 8.2 do not apply if Cisco technology or the device on which it is authorized has been modified: (a) modified, with the exception of Cisco or its authorized representative; (b) were exposed to unusual physical conditions, accidents or negligence, or installation or use inconsistent with these CLUE or Cisco instructions; c) purchased free of charge, beta or on the basis of evaluation; (d) is not a Cisco branded product or service; or (e) was not provided by an authorized source.

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